Site Credits

We would like the thank the following people/websites for material that have contributed to this site.
The list is not exhaustive and please contact us if anyone has being omitted.

  • Late James Mackay, (Ghandi) Lotts (Literature, Audio))
  • Robyn Williams, For the audio of James Mackay, (Ghandi), 
  • Linda Wilson  (Various)
  • Late Donald Mackay,  (Donnie Jim)Lotts (Literature)
  • Late J G Mackay, Borgie, Per his Grandson, Stewart Mackay (Island Roan)
  • Iain A Fraser (Island Roan)
  • Late Iain H Fraser (Various, and Instrumental in facts)
  • Late Christine Mackay  (Dode) whose collection started all of this. 
  •  Iain Morrison, who has shared information with the site.
  • Charlie Mackay  (Various)
  • George Mackenzie (various)
  • Donna Murray (Literature)
  • Extracts from the Northern Times©
  • Nancy Ryan (various)
  • Agnes Gunn (Photo)
  • Johannie Gunn (Lovat Scout photo)
  • Seamus McF* (Various)
  • Skerray Historical Association (Various)