Harbour Info


1.—(a.) The Skerray Pier commences at a point on the rocky foreshore of Skerray Bay, 280 yards or thereby north-westwards from south corner of storehouse occupied by "Wm. Morrison, merchant, and proceeds thence in an easterly direction for a distance of 188 feet, and thence in a south-easterly direction for a distance of 75 feet. The width of pier wall is 25 feet, but at the bend it is reduced to 20 feet.
This work cost 3,723/. 2*., and was finished in May 1896.
1.—(e.) An additional entrance to the harbour was cut through a reef of rock on the east side of harbour. This cutting is 269 feet by 30 feet, and is to the same level as inside of pier. Cost, 342/. 10«. Finished April 1901.
2. Twenty years ago there was no harbour here.
Although the inside face of the pier is 160 feet long, there is little depth of water for the first 90 feet, so that the area might be taken at 70 feet by 50 feet—the length of inside bend. A few herring boats might find accommodation inside—or a small steamer—but I have never seen more than one boat in at a time.
At angle of pier the depth at high water is about 15 feet; 70 feet nearer the shore, about 11 feet.
3. James Barren, C.E., Aberdeen, and Colonel Gore-Booth.
Colonel Gore-Booth reported favourably on the harbour works in May 1896.
June 1902.
4. The pier is in a thoroughly good state of repair.
Depth of water at low water on the bar or entrance, about 3 feet.
5. High water, F. and C., 8 hrs. 20 mins. Springs rise 13 J feet.

Neaps rise 10 feet.
6. No dues have yet been levied.
7. Nil.
8. No harbour byelaws.
9. Skerray Harbour Trustees.
10. The Sutherland (Talmine, Skerray, and Portskerra) Order, 1892.
11. "The limits within which the trustees shall have authority, and which shall be deemed the limits to which this Order and the power to levy rates extend, shall comprise harbours, piers, and works authorised by this Order, and the accesses, works and conveniences connected therewith respectively, and the following area below the line of high water, that is to say:—
In Skerray Bay, an area lying within three hundred yards of any part of the piers or works of the trustees, which limits are in this Order, and in the Schedule hereto termed 'the limits of this Order.'"—(Section 7 of above Order).
John Milne, Secretary to Harbour Trustees, Skerray, Bettyhill,